Top 8 Hair Colours to Get In the Winter

When the seasons change, it’s time to make some changes to yourself, too. If you think it’s too early for a haircut, you might prefer dying your hair a new colour instead. Since the winter is the season for contrasts, you can enjoy light and dark brown tones, shades of red, icy blonde colours, and even hot and passionate oranges.

Are you ready to choose? Here are some things to choose from if you are interested in hair colouring.

1. Golden Brown Balayage

Golden brown balayage is the kind of look you can wear anywhere, from the streets to the beach. It’s not so bold that it will be in the spotlights, but people will still notice it. This cut features gold highlights that give a glamorous touch to your hair. It looks very natural, and you can try it if you have naturally light hair.

2. Glowing Browned Blonde

The glowing browned blonde features cool and warm tones, which work well together this season. Washed out browns look great with lighter blonde tones, and your hair coDG

lour will be a perfect match to the dark red and black colours you’re wearing a lot.

3. Black with Brown Highlights

Black with brown highlights will never go out of style. So, it is a perfect colour for people who love to experiment with something new but not go too drastic. In the winter, this dye job would be great with bold, dark colours in your wardrobe like red and dark green.

4. Smoky Blue and Aubergine

The smoky blue and aubergine look great with a sleek bob haircut, straight hair, or a casual updo. If you want to steal the spotlight, this is the colour for you. It will make you shine like a star, so make sure to pair it up with some equally dramatic pieces.

5. Mid-Chocolate Brown

If you like low-key looks, the mid-chocolate brown is the right colour for you. It’s incredibly versatile in that you can wear it with jeans and a white shirt, dark winter coats and black boots, and even for dressing up.

6. Silver-Streaked Gold

At first glance, the silver-streaked gold seems to be too bright. However, it looks very natural and flattering. If you want to look naturally gorgeous and stand out, try this colour. It will look good on all skin tones.

7. Pearl Blonde with Highlights

Pearl blonde with highlights can be worn by almost anyone. The colour is excellent for the winter since it is subtle and not too harsh on the eyes. You don’t have to worry because the bright and dark brown tones will play off each other to create a perfect contrast.

8. Enchanting Peacock

In the winter, you’d want to do something special for yourself, and you can’t get any more magical than this. The enchanting peacock features a combination of warm and cool tones, which make your hair look supple and shiny. If you have naturally light hair, this colour is for you.

Final Thoughts

The winter season is here already, and you don’t want to be left behind. Experiment with new colours and dye your hair. After all, they’re the best way to make your hair look different, more vibrant, and more beautiful.

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