The Platinum Lounge

If you’re trying to find the very best hairdressers in Corby, then you'll be relieved to hear that you've come to the ideal place! Proper hair care and hairdressing require extensive attention and the appropriate steps to ensure optimum results.

The Platinum Lounge is ready to assist you with its premium hairdressing services, available for individuals of all genders as well as age groups. Customer satisfaction holds immense significance among The Platinum Lounge’s staff. For this reason, we ensure no compromise in the quality of hairdressing services that we provide.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not The Platinum Lounge has got the right hairdressers for you, then continue reading and allow us to help clear your doubts.

Our Services

The Platinum Lounge hairstylists are considered to be highly skilled and experienced in their respective fields. With their level of expertise in the field, Platinum Lounge is able to provide some of the best quality hairdressing services in all of Corby.

We offer a wide range of services, including full hair trims and restyles dependent on the client's demands and requirements. Customers get a choice to pick from a variety of style options that best suits their face shape and features. Additionally, we provide outstanding hair coloring treatments using cutting-edge techniques, including the most popular hair coloring technique nowadays, Balayage.

Not only that! If you’re uncertain about the type of hairstyle that you require, then we’ll help you identify your best options. The Platinum Lounger hair specialists will closely observe your hair type and suggest the trendiest hairdressing choices for you.

All new customers are strongly advised to schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our highly skilled stylists and hairdressers. With this appointment, we hope to pay extra attention to your concerns and requirements and suggest the ideal way forward for you. We’ll recommend the ideal hairstyles while keeping in mind your hair type and your personal likings.

Why Should You Choose The Platinum Lounge?

Still not convinced that Platinum Lounge hairstylists are the right choice for you? Perhaps, we can change your opinion by enlisting the various benefits that you’ll notice if you choose to work with Platinum Lounge. At Platinum Lounge, we treat each and every customer with the level of care and attention that is essential in order to provide them with a memorable experience. Apart from basic hairdressing services, our stylists can also provide exceptional guidance on a variety of key issues, such as hair care methods, hairstyle selection, client concerns, hairdressing suggestions, and much more!

Our professional hairdressers are highly knowledgeable of the constantly changing fashion trends of men, women, and kids. Furthermore, we’ve made the process of availing our hairdressing services highly accessible to any individual living inside Corby. All you have to do is pay a visit to The Platinum Lounge and book your appointment with the desired hairdresser. We look forward to pleasing you with our premium hairdressing services.

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