Natural Curly Hair Corby

Embracing Your Natural Curly Hair

Looking for a dedicated curly hair stylist in Corby, look no further.

Have you embraced your natural curls? Natural shiny, beautifully defined curls are stunning but are not always easily achieved without suitable care and knowledge of the best way to style them. Maybe you have started the Curly Girl Method and are now looking for a curly hair stylist near Corby that can assist you on your curl journey. Or you have long ago embraced your curls but now want a curly hair stylist near you that will complement the work you have already done. Getting the best results from your curls can be a process taking months to truly see optimum results; there are not always quick fixes.  Having a cut that is designed for curly hair and the best styling techniques can really help you in your journey.  

Styling Your Curly Hair

Many people with textured hair can struggle with frizz or a lack of definition to their curls.  Styling natural curls & waves takes very different methods to styling straight hair. To get the best from your hair, you’ll need a stylist who understands this, a stylist who specializes or has additional curl specific training. Many people with curly hair will leave a salon with their hair straightened or still wet. Why should anyone with curly hair expect less than someone with straight hair? 

Finding a Salon With a Curly Hair Specialist Near Me

Are you searching for a stylist who has training in curl-by-curl™ cutting near Corby?  At the Platinum lounge we have a curl specialist who has trained with Mathew James at Spring in Birmingham, the UK’s first Curly hair specific salon. Having a stylist who understands the challenges to showing off your natural curls will help you maximize them. Searching for a curly hair stylist near me online can be hit and miss but at the Platinum Lounge you will find a stylist with a passion for curly hair who will welcome your curls and be excited to work with you to get the most out of your hair.

Cutting a Curly Haircut

Getting a curl specific haircut is slightly different to a regular haircut. Your hair will be cut while it is dry, before being washed and styled.  The stylist needs to see your curls so please do not arrive with your hair scraped back into a bun as this will stretch and distort your natural hair texture. Your hair should be detangled and styled using the products you would normally use. Getting a curl-by-curl haircut only allows you to wear your hair curly, it would not look right if you straightened it. If you are not ready to commit to full time curls, we can still offer other cuts that can maximize your curls while also allowing you to straighten your hair. Even if you are not ready to embrace your curls full time, just yet, having a curly hairstylist who understands the needs of your hair will ensure you get the best possible results however you choose to wear your hair.


Wherever you are on your curly journey, The Platinum Lounge in Priors Hall Corby prides itself on being able to offer every client a great service. We aim to be ''the'' curly hair salon in Corby. Whether you need advice on the best way to style your curly hair or feel you already know the best way to maximise your curls, we can offer a cut that will help you to make your curls pop. Call us on 01536 215068 and ask to book an appointment with Karen, our curly hair specialist or visit https://platinumloungehair.co.uk to book a consultation with Karen. We are proud to offer "Curl by Curl" products, that can be purchased in the salon, giving your curls the best treatments and maintaining your natural curly hair. If you have landed here due to searching for "curly hair stylist near me" the Platinum Lounge Hair Salon can offer that service.

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Nestled in the new community of Priors Hall, Corby. We at The Platinum Lounge pride ourselves in having a fantastic team that offers incredible treatments and unbeatable customer service at rates we can stand behind.

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