Hair Salons In Corby

Are you in search of the top-rated hair salons in Corby? If so, then you’ll be glad to know that you’re in the right place! The Platinum Lounge arguably offers the highest quality Corby hair treatments services that are conveniently sufficient to please our customers.

Platinum Lounge Corby: Who Are We?

If you’re a resident of Corby and require insight into the best hair salons near me, then The Platinum Lounge is definitely an ideal option for you. We, The Platinum Lounge, are a team of highly skilled and experienced hairdressers that qualify to be best suited for the field. With the aid of our incredible team, we offer multiple hair treatments services at reasonable costs for our precious clients. Furthermore, we also entertain our customers with top-notch customer service, giving them a reason to return to us consistently.

We allow clients to book appointments beforehand to ensure that they don’t have to encounter any sort of inconvenience while acquiring our top-quality Corby hair treatments that you rightfully deserve. We care for our customers extensively, because of which we ensure no compromise in the quality of services that we provide. We invite you to book your appointment with the recommended hairdresser and get ready to join the vast list of our satisfied customers.

Front of the platinum lounge hair salon with black facia and their logo
Front of the platinum lounge hair salon with black facia and their logo

The Platinum Lounge

What Services Do We Offer?

So what makes us different from other hair salons Corby? For starters, we offer a variety of interesting services for all genders, as well as all ages. At The Platinum Lounge, we’ve got highly professional individuals that specialize in Corby hair treatments for men, women, and even kids!

At Platinum Lounge, we treat each and every customer with care and importance to ensure a memorable experience for them. Apart from providing the basic hairdressing services, our hairdressers are also equipped to provide excellent advice on various important topics, including haircare plans, hairstyle choice, concerns, ideas, and much more!

Inside the platinum lounge hairdresser
Inside the platinum lounge hairdresser

Hair Salon Corby

We offer complete hair trims and restyles based on the client’s instructions and preferences. We offer a wide range of styling options for customers to choose from, including fades, blades, and many more! Furthermore, we offer impressive hair colourist services by following modern methods, including Balayage.

If you’re having concerns regarding short hair, then we can assist you with premium hair extensions ways to lengthen your short hair efficiently and effectively. We also understand the importance of maintaining hair health. For this reason, we offer intense and vital hair treatments to promote the health of your hair.

If you’re a new customer, then we highly recommend you to schedule a booking for consultation with our highly capable hairdressers and stylists. Through this consultation, we’d be able to acknowledge you of your best hair styling options, while factoring in the condition of your hair, as well as your personal preferences.

So what are you waiting for? Stop looking for hair salons near me and book your appointment with The Platinum Lounge right away! We hope to please you with our best-in-town Corby hair treatments services.

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