Find the Perfect Hairstylist for You

Out of the thousands of hairstylists providing exceptional services all over the world, it is hard to find one who will match your taste and meet your expectations. People have different preferences, especially in their appearance, which is why the perfect stylist for a close friend may not be the one meant for you.

This article sums up the steps that will hopefully help you determine the hairstylist that will meet all of your hair needs and preferences. Read on to know more about how to find the perfect hairstylist.

1. Take Time to Do Research

The digital age has changed the face of nearly all industries, and it has made it incredibly easy to research and source stylists nearby. There are so many available platforms to visit. Maybe you'd be able to find the one on Instagram, where you can see samples of their work and the styles they specialise in.

Along with Facebook and Pinterest, you may easily spot them by using keywords in hashtags that would collect posts that fall under a certain topic. For example, you may look up the best hairdressers in Corby, and the results will provide you with numerous photos and salons to consider. You’ll be able to visit the stylist's profile to get a closer look at their portfolio.

Of course, you can ask for your friends' personal recommendations if you feel uncomfortable engaging with strangers on social media.

2. Ask Them Relevant Questions

When you have a shortlist of stylists, you can reach out to them and ask questions that would lead you to your best interest—the knowledge of how they will be as your stylist.

True stylists never stop learning, especially about trends that arise at different periods. One of the pertinent questions that you may ask them is their educational background, including course enrollment, and what current trends they are comfortable with.

3. Try a New Hair Stylist Consultation Session

Once done with your research and interview, you can proceed to the third step: a consultation. Of course, the Q&A shouldn't be the sole basis of your final decision. Book an appointment at a hair salon and personally witness the skills of the stylist that you have your eyes on.

Again, you may use this time to ask more questions. Another detail that you may weigh up in this step is whether your personalities fit each other. They may have a good portfolio and extensive experience, but personality matters, too.

4. Tie the Knot When You Find the One

Congratulations! You have reached the final step with which you should build your client-stylist relationship. These relationships work best when you’ve done your due diligence, and you have a feel for your stylist’s personality.

If you are comfortable with each other, the stylist's job will be much easier, and you will surely be satisfied with the final product. And best of all, you can continue to build on your relationship as you come back for trims or newer styles over the following months and years. Having a dependable stylist means you will always have someone you can trust with your crowning glory.


Finding the perfect stylist is not as hard as you may think. With these four steps, you'd be able to find one and build a relationship with them in no time.

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