Everything You Must Know About Balayage

Getting your hair coloured is one of the many ways of self-expression and arguably the most popular. There are many different ways to style when colouring hair, but one specific style is loved by many: the Balayage style.

Balayage is a French term that means “to sweep”, precisely what’s done when styling the hair with this method. This type of hair colouring technique can add more dimension to the hair and create a natural sun-kissed glow.

That's not all there is to Balayage hair colouring, because we'll discuss it all in this article. Read on below to get started.

More about Balayage Hair Colouring Style

Balayage is a specific version of classic hair colouring. It’s also referred to as “hand-painted” hair colouring.

In this technique, the hairstylists create a more natural, sun-kissed look by sweeping the colour onto the hair. This is done by hand, without the use of a machine. This way, the colour looks more natural and helps blend the colour into the hair, making the hair look more natural, not like it was coloured at all.

Why Is It So Popular?

The Balayage style has been around since the 1970s, but it's making a comeback and is more popular than ever. This is because it is a trendy style among trendsetters, celebrities and socialites. Not only is it an elegant, chic way of styling the hair, but it is also very low maintenance.

Another great thing about the Balayage style is that it can be done on anyone, regardless of their hair texture, thickness or length. However, the fact that colour is added to the hair via hand means that the colour cannot be added evenly.

That's because balayage hair colouring is more natural-looking than other types of colouring. That's because it is created by hand, instead of by a machine. The colour is applied in many different colours, so the colour fades in the hair more naturally, instead of the one-tone look of other hair colouring types.

Balayage hair colouring is also great for women who want to add more dimension to their hairstyles. If your hair is brunette or blonde, but you want to add some reds or blues, this is the way to go. You can also add highlights of different shades to add some colour to your hair.

How Long Does It Take To Apply?

The length of time to apply the balayage technique depends on the length of the hair. Thicker hair will result in a longer time. Applying balayage hair colouring can take anywhere from an hour to three hours, depending on the length of the hair.

You can generally apply balayage hair colouring in your salon visit that lasts for three hours. However, the whole process can take up to five hours.

Balayage Hair Maintenance

Balayage hair colouring is very easy to maintain. Even though it is styled in the hair, it does not need to be done frequently. Because the colour is applied naturally, it doesn't require maintenance very often.

How Long Does It Last?

As mentioned, balayage hair colouring doesn't need maintenance very often. However, regular hair colouring maintenance might be necessary to prevent fading. However, because the colour is applied by hand, it can fade more naturally, making it easier to maintain.

Balayage hair colouring can last from three to four months. However, depending on exposure to the elements and hair care, the colour can last up to six months.

The Cost of Balayage Hair Treatment

The cost of balayage is surprisingly much lower than other hair colour types. This is because it is done by hand, instead of by machine. The cost of balayage typically ranges from $80 to $150, depending on where you’ll get it and your hair’s condition.


Balayage hair colouring is a very popular trend in hairstyling. This is because it is effortless to maintain and a very fashionable and stylish way of styling hair. Depending on your preferences, you can add as much or as little colour to your hair as you want. It can be a great way to style your hair, so you should take the chance to get it.

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