5 Things to Consider Before Changing Your Hair Colour

Changing your hair colour by dyeing your hair can completely transform your entire look. However, there are a slew of different things that you should consider before committing to dyeing your hair. If you're thinking about changing your hair colour, consider these five things first before making a change.

The Colour

Before you go to the salon, you might browse through your social media, magazines, or maybe read some blogs. While you were browsing, did any colours catch your attention? Pull those pictures up again a few days later. Chances are, one particular colour will stand out more than the others. Be sure that when you return to the salon, you are calm enough to communicate with your stylist and confident enough to carry it for as long as it suits you. Whether it is a major change or a subtle change in colour, you need to be comfortable.

Your Confidence

This is crucial once you’ve discussed the colour that you want with your hairstylist. You might have to wait 3-8 months before the new colour starts growing out. But once you’ve grown accustomed to your new do, no one will be able to look away. Like your outfit, if you have the confidence to carry this hairstyle, then everyone will be staring at you – literally. Be prepared for comments that might not be favourable towards you – just know that this is your hair, and as long as you love it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says!

The Salon

Finding the right salon is vital when you're thinking of dyeing your hair. While it may seem simple, a lot can go wrong during the dyeing process that can ruin your entire look. To make sure you get the right salon, call or visit a few places. Look at the way they do hair and talk to your friends. It is OK to look at their websites before you decide. Choose a salon that seems right.

Your Makeup

Switching your hair colour can affect the way the colour of your skin looks. Aquamarine hair makes my skin appear lighter, so I need to put on makeup to counteract the contrast. The same goes for Pink hair; dark makeup creates contrast with my fair skin. If you have light hair, take some makeup and become darker, or darker hair and become lighter. The choice is yours, but don’t forget that contrast is good, and your face should look good!

Your Wardrobe

Just as you might change your makeup to match your hair, you want to change your wardrobe to match your hair. You don't have to change your wardrobe entirely, but choose clothes in the right shade if you change your hair colour. If you are changing from dark hair colour to a lighter colour, create outfits with darker tops and dresses. If you are going from a lighter tone to a darker tone, create outfits with lighter-coloured bottoms and dresses. This will ensure that you highlight your hair by having it stand out and be the centre of attention.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you figure out whether you want to dye your hair or not. While the things that we mentioned are important, at the end of the day the decision will be up to you. Be sure to keep everything that we’ve discussed here in mind so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

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